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Hi 'TNT'... I too have very bad allergies and meds are not really helping. I have symptoms every single day. I have taken lots of different medications... Telfast D, telfast, clarinase, claritin, nasacort, nasonex... and the list goes on. I am currently taking a levocertrizine (a newer generation of certrizine), nasonex(spray) and singulair. I have seen improvements for the first time on this combination. Though I still get symptoms but they are milder.

Do you take different antihistamines at once or only one type at a time? Maybe a combination of antihistamines might be better than only one type. But do consult with the pharmacist in the pharmacy about taking multiple types of antihistamines. You can also ask them which are the newer ones and see if it works for you.

Since you have severe symptoms, a nasal steroid spray will work and help to lessen or stop the symptoms like runny nose, congestion. But however, this is a prescription medication so unless you see a doctor, you can't get it.

And since you know you are allergic, you should also start by avoiding the allergens. Btw, what are you allergic to? As for benadryl, take it before you go to bed, so you won't doze off in the day though when you wake up, you might feel tired. Everyone reacts to a medication differently, so only you can tell which is best. Have you taken cirrus before? Hope you feel better soon! :angel: