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I have been battiling this for a month now and been on medications, nasal sprays you name it. My symptoms are the following:

Some Dizzyness
Stuffy Head
Sharp headache like pains
Tingiling Scalp And Around my Neck and Shoulder Region
Dry Eyes
Feeling of a Lump in my Throat
Eyes Itch a Little Bit
Tightness in my Face Region, Sides of my Neck down to my collar bone.
Stuffy Ears
Throbbing in my head
Hot and Cold Flashes
Funny taste in my mouth
Tightness and sorness down and around the bridge of my nose

I have been too numerous doctors and they say its Allergies/Sinus Infection. I have never in my life had any Allergies or Sinus Infections. I feel totally and utterly miserable. They already did a Cat-Scan and I am good. Honestly I have a CAT-Scan practially over my whole body.

Like I mentioned I have been on numerous medications and nothing seems to work. Right now I am on Sudafed Sinus and Cold medication along with some nasal spray called Nasacort. The doctor said it's going to take a couple of days for the spray to start working. I know that I need to wait it out but honestly this is driving me nuts. I take the gel Sudafeed tablets and I feel good for an hour and then I feel like crap again. If it wasnt for these symptoms I feel fantastic, I just want to get better.

Is my symptoms something else that the doctor(s) over looked? Or is there some other medication that I can releive myself of this discomfort?

Any advice, remidies, or medication suggestions would be most helpful.