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Is there anything better out there in the antihistamine universe than zyrtec? :confused:

I'm taking 10 mg of zyrtec. I complained to my doctor about my allergies being awful this spring. He gave me an additional prescription for Nasacort AQ. I've been using the Bausch and Lomb Opcon A eye drops too. I'm ready to ask for an eye drop prescription too.

I went to the zoo today and my hands swelled up. Happend earlier this spring at a flower show.

The day after I work in the yard, my eyes are blurry and my hands are swollen, even after taking the meds.

Luckily my asthma hasn't been a problem this season. I haven't had to use meds since having my 3rd child. I asked for a rescue inhaler just in case because I can't seem to control my allergies.

I know it's mostly because it's a bad allergy season here. Tree pollen (a huge allergen for me) just doesn't want to stop falling. My vehicle often has a yellow dusting every am. This has been weeks of it.

Sigh...I'm just frustrated. I can mitigate my allergy issues at home, but outside can't be avoided, kwim?