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Quick history: I've had allergies and nasal problems most of my 36 year lifetime. In '99 I had polyps removed which helped somewhat, and spring cleaning (so the doc says). I regularly take Nasacort 16.5mg and Allegra every now and then in the spring.

Even when my nose isn't stuffed and I can breath regularly I have no sense of smell. However if I am having severe problems with stuffiness my allergist prescibes 10mg of prednisone (3 times in 5 years) and within that week or 10 day period of taking the drug I can smell everything. This normally lasts approximately 2 weeks after I'm off the steroid. I haven't gotten around to asking the doc this because I thought it was all in my head, but with this happening a third time I have to wonder what the heck :eek: . I know the complications of taking steroid and I do not want to stay on this drug for any length of time.

Does this happen to anyone else and how the heck can I get my sense of smell back without it being drug induced?