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I have taken nasonex previously with no problems I guess... although they didnt help me and I needed surgery in the end.

I'm still on nasonex though. I stopped for a while for some reason and when I got back on it... the next day or so, I felt achy, feverish, like I coming down with something. And I ended up having a high fever on and off and took about more than a month to fully recover from the cough and stuffs...

Then when I got back on the spray after I got well... I fell sick again and it was really bad tonsilitis. Took many medications... Had to go back to the doctor to keep refilling, cause' I was still really unwell.

Then finally when I got well again, I got back on nasonex and I fell sick again. It's tonsilitis again and am still having it. I know tonsilitis can become chronic but it seems that after I take the spray... I fall sick right away. I'm not sure if this is all a coincidence or what. I have used Nasacort AQ but didnt have these kind of problems before. I was thinking that the nasonex that I'm using is making me sick more often... are they side effects?

Just thought I would share my personal account with yall... :angel: