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Three months ago I was diagnosed (through CT scan) with "mild sinus infection" of maxilary sinus. I was on three rounds of antibiotics in September - October, my symptoms (pressure in my head, which moves around from temple areas to the nose, face and back to the temple; and postnasal dranage; and a little ocasional dissiness) subsided for a while, but never went away completely. I used Nasacort for a while (2 months), did not seem like helped much. A couple of days ago my "head pressure" and dranage came back like at Day1 of all my ordeal with sinuses. Coinsidentally I have been wearing angora scarf and sweater today. Seems like I am more congested in the throat today.

I really don't have any nose congestion, no watery eyes, ocasional sneeze maybe.

Could that all be allergy related? Has anybody experiences similar symptoms?
I haven't been tested for allergies, no have I been on any anti-allergy meds (except Nasacort).

CT scan of my brain came out normal. But this pressure and dissiness are driving me crazy, and scare me!