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Quote from Icky_Metal:
Anyone with allergic rhinitis taking steroids and getting little to no benefit? For me, they help, but only modestly.

Keep in mind that sometimes you need to find the right steroid spray for you, I have used Flonase, Rhinocort and Nasonex but I got little to none benefit from them until 2 years later when my ENT doctor switched me over to Nasacort which started working right-away.
I hate nasal steriods!! Theya re so bad for you and after long term use they can make you worse which is what they did to me!! I ended up with severe pain in my sinuses because of NasacortAQ and I couldn't figure out why. Finally my ENT looked up into my sinuses and they were so badly inflammed. Seems the spray was causing it at that point. I immediately stopped taking the spray and started to feel better. Unfortunately I still have discomfort now and than in my sinus and I feel it is from the sprays!