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And I mean like in the back of my throat, not that my stomach hurts all the time. The best way I can think of to describe it is if you picture when you would force yourself to vomit by putting your finger down your throat and pushing...(I've never actually done this tho), and how your throat opens up. That's what it feels like especially when I'm yawning. Like something might come up.
I do have post nasal drip but I've had that for like 20 years and never had this problem. I have anxiety too. I hate this feeling and have also a limited appetite over the past week. I'm on Nasacort, singulair, and zyrtec...its what my doc has given me for this problem. (When I got the meds, I was also complaining of dizzyness, and fullness in my head)
He thinks its due to the post nasal...I just dont know.
Please please help.