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I've never had an allergy to anything before so I am a bit suprised right now that I have aquired one. ANyway...I had been getting dizzy for the past month, more like my equilibrium was off and it would make me nauses. When I drank, it was even worse. ANYWAY. I went to the Dr. and I had fluid in my ears. I had a feeling that's what it was even though I've never had this happen before. He said it wasn't an infection and it was caused by a virus or an allergy. So he gave me Allegra D and Nasacort AQ. I'm so used to getting an antibiotic when something is wrong and I'm afraid it won't work! But considering it isn't bacterial they can't give me an antiobiotic. Has anyone else ever had fluid buildup in their ears and does this combination work? This is considered an allergy? And how does it happen?