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It sounds like allergies to me. Have you tried just taking an antihistamine and seeing if it helps?

I take zyrtec, mucinex and nasacort. There may be other options but because of high blood pressure my doctor won't let me take it. I am working to get my weight down with watching my diet and walking. I seem to have developed the high bp followed shortly by the mucus. I am hoping to get off the bp meds and see if it helps. I would look forward to sneezing, it might get some of it out. I have never had a health issue that seems to consume every waking moment of the day. It is hard to get focused on the more positive aspects of life. Anything suggested is greatly appreciated.
My sysmptoms seem a little different. Morning seems to be my best time. I have a hepa air filter and humifier in the bedroom. The doctor said use the humifier at night only, but never turn off the hepa. I also take 2 mucinex 600mg time released in a.m. and p.m. The mucus is far from gone. I also have a ton of meds like nasacort aq and zyrtec. Next trip to the doctor I will explore the gerd possibility. In the mean time, I have a few hours during the day I can forget about it. Getting to sleep is the worst. I am afraid I will choke. Question, how long have you had this. For me it is about 3 months. It seems like forever. I read one thread, poor lady had pnd 6 years. Good luck.....I will go for a ton of testing next time I see the doctor. There has to be an answer. Try my night time method...it helps a little....at least I feel ok in the morning..even if it hard to fall asleep.