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I currently take zrytec and nasacort for allergies and sinus headaches. I have drastically cut back on my dosing because it costs so much for brand name Rx. Does anyone hear have any recommendations of similar meds that have generics? Does anyone know if generics to these meds will be out any time soon? These help me a lot...but I cannot afford them at this rate.


Heather, WI, 32
I'm not positive, but I believe older cortisone sprays like Floanse are cheaper than Nasacort. It would be worth checking with your insurance to find out. Or if you are uninsured, ask your pharamacist. Some insurances will cover Zyrtec if your doctor submits a statement that OTC and cheaper antihistamines like Claritin, and such do not work for you. Again I would find out what your insurance policy is, if you have one.

Also, I would tell your doctor of your trouble. he might be willing to give you samples. Most doctors have a ton.