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You may find this hard too believe,but out of all the trial and error with allergy and sinus meds over and under the counter this is what i finally settled with for my medication regiment: Nasal-crom nasal spray and comtrex cold and allergy. The nasal-crom is an over the counter spray that has no side effects and is not like your ordinary nasal spray. It simply forms a protective layer around the mast cells of your sinuses preventing them from releasing histamine when you incur any allergans. The comtrex contains sudafed, chlortrimeton, acetimenophine, and something that starts with a b(which i believe is some kind of expectorant). Anyway, i feel better if i use both of these together. Quite similar to the Comtrex cold and allergy is the Tylenol allergy and sinus which also works good for me. Like many people i have heard from on this board, the prescription meds did not work for me at all. I do a lot better with the over the counter stuff...switching them ever so often so that my immune system wont get too used to them.
It is good to know that i'm not alone with this problem as well but i dont wish this mess on anybody. This vision problem has been bothering me for some time now; as i mentioned earlier it feels like i need to change the prescription in my glasses or somehow focus my eyes better. Meanwhile i will continue to put naphcon in my eyes and take allergy meds to release the pressure behind them. Keep me posted on anything you come across that may be beneficial in solving our problem or if you feel like responding to this post. To answer your question about allergies resulting in dizziness....they really make me feel dizzy and somewhat spacey. This happens because the pressure in my ears becomes unequalized (better known as eustachian tube dysfunction) when i have an allergic reaction. The nasalcrom has helped me tremendously with that problem...it takes about 1-2 weeks to get the full effect.

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