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Hey Grillo 7, I get most of those symptoms as well. The only one that i probably don't get is trouble sleeping. Usually by the end of the day, aside from my full time school and work schedule, my sinus problem has me worn completely out. I definitely get the pupil thing. One symptom that really scares me is difficulty concentrating...especially during conversation; i tend to blank out a lot. Normally, i'm considered a pretty good listener. Also, lately i've been having some unusual discomfort in my sinuses...i wonder if this could be nasal polyps. Like you, i need to get x-rays done and have my inner ear checked out.
Do you ever space out or find yourself having a hard time concentrating when socializing? Do you find yourself trying to avoid social situations more often than you used to? I have not had any luck with the nasal sprays either. Maybe i'm expecting too much from them. I do have some luck with the over the counter, nasalcrom. This combined with prescription decongestants work for me pretty well. However, i can't seem to break away from the crazy, depersonalized symptoms that we have. Please respond back and I look foward to hearing from you.