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I have the eye mucous too. It's just awful, isn't it? Have you mentioned it to your doctor? My opthalmologist didn't know just how bad it was until I was in his office and he actually pulled one out of my eye that was like 2 inches long! The white stringy eye mucous actually comes from having dry eyes or allergies, or both. Try using some tear drops along with your allergy drops. Also, it might be hard, but if your doctor says it is ok, stop taking the Allegra and any other anti-histamines or allergy pills for a few weeks, because those will definitely dry out your eyes even more. If necerssary, you could take something like chlortrimeton once in a while if you really need an anti-histamine. Also, you could try using something called nasalcrom, which will help get rid of some of your nasal allergies without using an anti-histamine. Believe it or not, allergy pills like claritin and allegra do not always help eye allergies. Have you been seen by an eye dr, or is it just your regular doctor that prescribes the allergy drops for you?

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