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This is gross, but what is your PND like when you cough it up?

When I cough up, which is usually late evening or early morning, mine is usually a clear-to-white fluid, usually pretty sticky, with little air bubbles in it. Sometimes it seems yellowish but it's only temporary.

In the mornings it feels like chest congestion, which is why I had been taking meds for chest congestion early on. But I'd been to the doctor and they said it was "trademark allergies" symptoms.

I tried Allegra-D, Claritin-D, Flonase, all worthless. I was on Nasalcrom for a while, an OTC nasal inhaler, but it was like $10 a pop and I lost the bottle. Oh well.

I find that it helps to keep the airway moist and drink water. At night, I am a big fan of...well, using the fan, and it dries me out and I cough up horribly in the morning. But if I don't use the fan, it still comes up, just less so.

Sometimes during the day I cough up something, but if my mind is distracted I usually don't.

Anyway, how can I get over this? It's approaching the anniversary since it started and I don't want to have to go for another prescription/visit.

What's effective? I've heard neti pots, irrigation (I had a large syringe to do that with but lost it!), what else is good?

Do my symptoms match yours?