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Hi there, so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. Do you get at least a little hives/welts, or you don't have any at all and it's just the itching only? There are such conditions out there which is not associated with urticaria but it causes the patient to be itching severely... check out the word puritus(not sure if I spelt it correctly). Puritus is just another word for itchiness.

How's your diet like? Try cutting down on foods that are high in histamine. Watch out for salicylates, most people with chronic urticaria are sensitive to it and taking that will make the urticaria worse; But not everyone with CU are sensitive to it. You can ask your doctor to perform some tests to check if pressure or cholinergic urticaria could be your problem. Take note of colour addictives, esp, tartazine(sp)

For the itching, there's a cream that people with CU use and you can make it yourself. Cromolyn is a mast cell stabilizer and helps to stop the mast cells from degranulating. Cromolyn cream can be made from gastrocrom, nasalcrom... Take Benadryl(not sure if you're already on it), it can help you to fall asleep because it's really drowsy.

I'm not sure what tests you have or have not done, so I'll put down some:
- T3, T4, a thyroid antibodies, as well as a TSH for thyroid.
- ESR to look for eosinophilia.
- Complement C3 and C4
- Investigating underlying infections: chest x-ray, urine for culture, stool for ova, throat swab, viral study etc. Dental infections like a root canal.
- ANA and autologous serum test ~I know you have gone for the lupus test but what about the autologous serum test?~
- blood test for antiprogesterone and antiestrogen IgG antibodies and/or have a skin challenge to progesterone and estrogen
- Helicobacter Pylori
The tests above are some of what CU patients go check out for if they could.

There are different specialist that you can go and consult if you are still not getting better or want to seek different opinions; dermatologist, immunologist, rheumatologist, allergist. Good luck! :angel:
Well, I do get red marks from the water hitting me in the shower, but really no, no hives or welts to speak of. I will look up that word you said and see if that fits my description. What foods are high in Histamines???And what are salicylates? And how to I make Cromolyn cream? where do I get Nasalcrom? Lol, I have alot of questions I know, but its good to finally be getting some answers. I have beed tested for all the Thyroid tests you listed, I had a complete physical done several times and they keep telling me that all my levels are normal, except for my hormone levels. I am not producing any hormones at all actually. I will write down this list of tests for when I go back to the doctor and specifically ask if I have had these done. I need to get to the cause of this problem as it gets so bad in the winter I just go crazy. I am taking benadryl on occasion when I dont want to take the prescription one. I dont recall the one I take off the top of my head but I have seen it named several times in these posts on Urticaria. Starts with an A I think?