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Quote from Solange1965:
Thanks Chrislynn,
I do take Anacin with caffeine in it in in the morning to help with the sore throat. But am not on any other meds at all. I don't drink tea or coffee so the aspirin would be the only source of caffeine. I have another appointment in about a week. He had me get the Nasocrom but it caused a burning sensation. So he said to stop using it. Is Astelin similiar to Nasocrom nasal spray? Have you noticed any help with it and do you use it when you take the Zyrtec? He has me on 10 mg. once a day.
Thanks, Solange

Hi Solange,

I just started the Astelin and the Zyrtrec yesterday so I don't know if it's working yet. I will let you know after I have been taking it for a week. I can tell you that it leaves a bitter after taste in your throat but that's okay- I can deal with it if it stops the PND. :) Nasalcrom is not an antihistamine and Astelin is. Nasalcrom is Cromolyn sodium.