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Quote from Crossbow:
I use Nasonex twice a day. (The allergist said Rhinocort is better, but my insurance won't cover it.) I was using two times each morning, which is what the bottle said to do, but I was too congested at night. The doctor said it's better to use it once in the morning and once at night. Same for Rhicocort. He said to never used more than two squirts in each nostril for the entire day. It's much better now. I can tell I'm snoring less and have less post-nasal drip in the morning.

I tried irrigating with saline. It didn't make any difference, but it was kinda fun. :p

Is it really better to use it once at nite and once in the morning?
I tried switching once from twice in the morning to once in morning, once at nite..it was bad, I had to use it again before I made it 2 the nite, my ears were hurting & my nose was all runny and itchy and congested.. though I am pretty congested on it still.
Have you ever tried Nasalcrom?
I'm trying to find someone that's been on it..I'm considering it!
Yes, for me it was much better to use it once in the morning and once at night. Doesn't mean it will work that way for everyone, though.

No, I havent tried Nasalcrom, but it definitely sounds like Nasonex is not for you!