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When I first started on Clarinex, it made me sick, but only for a few days. I adjusted pretty well to Clarinex.
However, my nurse says I am one of those people that just doesn't take well to medication. I can't have an empty stomach, I'll get really sick b/c i'm on Flonase and Advair(inhaled steroids). I am almost always stuck in bed when i'm on prednisone..and I have never fully adjusted to being on Yasmin, I STILL get morning sickness.
So my point is, you could very well be like me, one of those people that is very sensitive to medication. You could ask about changing the kind of medicine your on(like from Astelin to Flonase or Nasalcrom, or Zyrtec to Clarinex or Allegra). I wouldn't suggest stopping your meds completely so close to the allergy season though..but that's just what I say.