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Quote from CONCERNED20:
My ears crackle and pop when I swallow. I have ETD. Does anyone have any type of solution to this problem? Eg:medications, saunas,exercises. ANYTHING. Please help.

Nick S

I have allergy induced ETD..and this is what helps me..
Treat it like nasal allergies, with a nasal steroid spray such as Flonase, an antihistamine like Clarinex, and a decongestant like Sudafed severe sinus for bad days(usually a once a week or so I need that). I think i'm gonna try nasalcrom also and see if that helps anymore...ETD sucks, my ears always hurt. I wake up in the morning and my ears are full, and whatever side I slept on is usually even fuller. Not to mention if it's high allergy time or i'm sick, their isnt ANYTHING that does help. Having a cold is a nightmare. My sinuses and ears get so swollen I get dizzy to the point where I can't get out of bed. My ETD is so bad that my throat swells up and it's hard to swallow cuz it's so sore and swollen, and I get severe sinus headaches. My throat is constantly swollen and I can't take most pills b/c they are not shaped easy to swallow or are 2 big for a swollen throat..had to switch to Clarinex from Allegra b/c Allegra is too big(and it really isn't for most people!) when my allergies are flaring. I do have some small degree of hearing loss, although i'm not sure exactly how much.
I'm thinking in my situation I'd like to try allergy shots, although I can't even be tested for allergens(skin sensitive), and much less given shots.
So other than those medications, I'm looking for a better solution=)