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Yeah we've been working the allergy proofing circuit for some time, though we are careful not to do 2 much as we're afraid that may sensitive me even more.. new allergy drugs..hmm.. I hear of Nasalcrom for nasal congestion, it's over the counter, also there is an Atrovent for the nose, basically it will dry up a dripping nose. Oh & there is Astelin, which i've heard good things about, it's an antihistamine nasal spray.. also it is safe to take Sudafed every day if you need it, my doctor suggested I do that, I have many similar symptoms to you. It helps the ears alot. The red, tiny pills are what I take, the "Severe congestion" box.. it's stronger than even prescription decongestants(also nice 2 swallow if your throat is swollen). Most of these are not new, but they could help.