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Quote from cicka:
Do a search on cromolyn sodium on the net. I haven't used it yet, but I've heard good things about it.

I'll vouch for the cromolyn sodium - I use the Brand Name NasalCrom - it's OTC and it definitely has been controlling my seasonal Pollen allergies for 3 years now. All the sneezing, itching problems - It's almost like I don't have an allergy. -

Does not help at all with my 365 days a year lightheaded allergy symptoms though :(
Quote from cicka:
HI Cut-throat!
This is not an OTC, but what do you think of Nasonex and like? I've been hooked on decongestants for almost 6 years now! A previous ENT told me this is the only way to get off of those. So I use it now once a day and I'm waiting weather it will work - it needs a few days....
Cromolyn Sodium I read takes about a month to really kick in, so I can use that after this. If i will still need it.
I tried Chol-trim, but I don't think it made me feel particularly good - headache, nausea, etc.

I tried Nasonex for my lightheaded year- round allergy and it did nothing for me. Did not try it for the seasonal Pollen stuff, but Nasolcrom works so well now that I have used nothing else for the last 3 years. NasalCrom worked for me the first 4 hours that I had it in my system!

BlahBlah is right about benedryl. That stuff knocked me out so bad, I fell asleep in my computer chair! - And I have been on Chlortrimeton for 5 years!
thank you all so much for ur writing back! :bouncing: most of u seem to think Nasalcrom is really good, so i'm checking it out online right now. is it a spray or pill b/c i'm seeing a lot of sprays. i was wondering b/c i used to use some nose spray a long long time ago and i could always taste it in my throat (yuck, not tasty)! :eek: is that ever an issue w/nasalcrom?
haha, (knocking u flat on ur butt) :D thanks for the info a/b benadryl. i kno i used to take it long ago, but dont' remember if it worked for me....so i guess it didn't or i woudl still be taking it. i think it made me hooked on it for a while. i just bought a pack of the benadryl dye free liquid pills, but now i'm thinking of not taking it and tryign the nasalcrom instead.
so is nasalcrom a nose spray? just wanna be sure and can u taste it in ur throat? (b/c my old nose spray nasonex used to do that)
Nasalcrom tastes like salty water.