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Well 4 hour cholortrimeton is fine. Just take it every 4 hours. If it works for you, you can get the 12 hour without too much problem. I like the Chlorotrimeton for the lightheaded symptoms. I also like the nasal spray Nasalcrom for the itchy throat and eye and sneezy symptoms.
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Hi everyone,
I was wondering what is the best otc med for post nasal drip? Should I try an antihistimine like claritn or alavert? Or will something else work better?
I know people on this board have suggested cloro-trementin, but I went to the drug store today and all they have is the 4 hour. :confused:

Actually Nasalcrom is not to use once you already have problems, it is a preventive measure, and has worked pretty good for me. The only pills that work for me is Zyrtec which is only by prescription, and it only works for about 2 weeks and I have to change to another medicine. If you take any of those medication, your body gets almost immune after a while, so keep changing medication.