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Hi Health356, I have cold urt. Cold urticaria can get serious if not taken care of; if the airways get swell up, you won't be able to breathe and that's life threatening. Have you seen a dermatologist yet? If you haven't, go see one and ask the doctor to perform an ice cube test. If a wheal forms on where the ice cube was placed 5-15 mins later, you have cold urt. However, there are instances where ice cube test is negative and only an air conditioned room will bring out the reaction.

The soap can also be the culprit of causing your hives. You might want to go to the dermatologist or allergist to rule that out. You can try using a totally different soap for a few weeks and see what happens.

Do you have problems drinking cold water, eating ice cream? Do you get hives all over your body after swimming?

Antihistamines will help to prevent the hives from forming. Only taking it before the attack is effective... if you take it after you get the hives, usually the effect of the drug will not be as good. Cromolyn cream (gastrocrom, nasalcrom) can help with the itching. Prednisone helps with the swelling but it is not a drug to be taken lightly; i can cause alot of nasty side effects if taken on a long term basis. There are steroid topical creams to help with the swelling and itching but using it too often can cause the skin to thin and tear.

All the best! :angel: