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I've been having what I thought were sinus headaches. They come on suddenly and feel like I'm being struck between the eyes. I stop, wince, and can't think very clearly, and the back of my neck starts hurting, right under my skull--like a whiplash, only I dont have whiplash. I do, however, have a dental malocclusion where i bite mainly with the front teeth, and my tongue mashes against the roof of my mouth. I also have had nasal surgery (turbinectomy and septoplasty) 2 years ago. I wash with nasal saline spray and nasalcrom, and that's about it. My feeling is that it's the bite, and my sinuses are so sensitive to the sprays it just radiates to the forehead. It's weird that the headache is confined only on the eyebrows, between the eyes, or on the top of the forehead where it sticks out a bit. This definitely restricts my activity at work and outdoors--i need any and all suggestions any of you can offer! Thanks a million, Trucky