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The cause of the hives could be anything from an infection to an autoimmune disease if your hives are chronic. If they are acute, it's most likely due to allergies.

Do you take warm/hot shower? If you do, that's the reason you will be red all over with the rash. Heat is a mast cell degranulator, which also means heat causes the body to release mast cells which in turn releases histamines (the chemical that cause you to be itchy n cause the hives) and other chemicals. Mast cells are body's specialized white blood cells that helps fight infection.

There's a cream that you might want to try other than those steroid ones. Cromolyn cream is made using one of the cromolyn preparations (Gastrocrom, Nasalcrom). To make the cream with Nasalcrom, mix 1 part Nasalcrom with 3 parts lotion or cream - enough of each to make approx. 60mL; mix well and
then add 1/4 tsp glycerine. Test it on a small area to make sure that you don't have a reaction to it. Cromolyn is a mast cell stabilizer and it works by preventing any degranulation in the first place.

You can take benedryl to help you sleep and also the itch at night too. Btw, are you on any medications daily? Do you go back to your doctor for follow ups? Feel better! :angel: