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Everybody's different, but I do fine on just one pill. Taking a whole adult dose makes me drowsy. The pills have a indentation on them, so you could even cut them in half and take just 1/8 of an adult dose. Maybe that would work for you.

You might also ask your doctor to prescribe Astelin nosespray along with the Flonase. That combination is working really well for me right now.

Another thing you could try is using Nasalcrom nosespray. My allergist in S.C. told me when my allergies really act up to use Nasalcrom with the Flonase. (this was before Astelin was on the market) He said Nasalcrom would have been the miracle allergy cure if only it lasted for more than 4 hours. It just wears off too quickly, but it does help a lot if you know you are going to be exposed to something. I use it whenever I go to my in-laws b/c of their dog. Though now that I have Astelin, I wonder if I will have to keep doing that.
That's pretty funny because I'm actually in SC. Guess it's no wonder my allergies are so bad, I think my state is terrible for them.
I have seen the Nasalcrom in drugstores I believe, but didn't get it because I get really nervous taking so much allergy meds. This is the most I have ever been prescribed at one time on a long term basis. Before it was just one daily and then when they were really bad, maybe two and it took care of it. I will definitely speak with the pharmacist about taking that along with the pescription stuff on days where I do get called out for a situation involving a nonlivable house (yes, I am the dork that calls about drug interactions when I any new medication gets added to what I am taking or when I am considering something over the counter) and maybe will try the children's Benydryl when I am in a situation with dust or something that doesn't involve clients so that I can see how I react to it before being in a workplace situation.
Thanks for the tips. I got really stressed when that one place effected me that bad as far as what in the world to do in the future.