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Ok, I know that when it comes to allergy sufferers and medications, some medications work for some people and some symptoms and some don't. But, I was curious to know if anyone on the board has used Nasalcrom for nasal allergy symptoms and if they found it to be effective.

I have seasonal Summer nasal allergies to pollen, grass, hay, sagebrush, pine trees, sweet clover, basically anything that grows. I only have nasal symptoms. I have tried taking prescription antihistimines in the past, but since I don't have a range of symptoms, itchy runny eyes, throat problems, sneezing, they haven't been effective in fighting my congestion, sinus pain and pressure and runny nose. I have tried Claritin, Allegra and a few others.

I took Flonase last summer and did well with it. As far as I know, it's not an antihistimine, it's a nasal steroid. I believe that Nasalcrom is much the same thing, just in a lower dosage. Is that right? What is the effectiveness of it like? Any help is great. Thanks in advance.
Nasalcrom is not a steriod, I am told. It is one of the few medications that works for me. It relieves Itching, sneeziing pollen allergies. And as I have recently found out it also helps releive my lightheaded mold symptoms. I asked the Pharmacist the other day if there were any other sprays that were similiar. He told me No, that Nasalcrom was in a class by itself!