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Last year I posted that my Chlorotrimeton had 'quit' working. What happened was that after the pollen season, I stopped using the Nasalcrom and continued to take the Chlorotrimeton. My lightheadedness returned and indeed the Chlorotrimeton stopped working by itself.

This year I discovered that when I took the Nasalcrom for the Pollen season and took the Chlorotrimeton, the lightheadedness disappeared. My allergist said that the Chlorotrimeton did not 'quit' working, it was that I just became more allergic.

So my 'Solution' for the time being is to use both Nasalcrom and Chlorotrimeton and that provides me almost total relief. They are both Over the Counter and fairly safe. I have never got any relief from a prescription Med. - But these two work miracles for me.

It took about 2 weeks on the Nasalcrom and Chlorotrimeton to feel the full relief.
I'm glad this works for you. Nasalcrom helps me, but wears off too quickly for me. I use it as a boost with my Flonase and Astelin when I know I am going to be exposed to allergans.