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I'm not sure the CT scan is going to do anything. - Most Docs are clueless to these symptoms. Have you tried the antihistimine Chorotrimeton? - I have been using this for about 6 years now. It alone gave me relief until last year. Then I found I had to add Nasalcrom spray to feel great. Both of these are Over the counter Meds.

1.) Try Chlorotrimeton for about 4-5 days, if you still don't get any relief

2.) Add the Nasal Spray Nasalcrom - try that with the Chlorotrimeton for about a week.

Let us know how it goes.

Hard to believe, but this is probably better advice than you will get from any doctor.
Quote from feel_bad_2_much:
Hi Cut-throat...........thanks for replying. I have tried Chlor-trimeton, and it did help me most of the time. My Dr. put me on Allegra, and it was working pretty good too, until a couple of weeks ago...........so now im not sure if its allergies or something more serious. I didn't take my allegra yesterday...........so I might try the Chlor-trimeton again. Im up for anything at this point. The fogginess seems kind of different now though. (hard to explain) My daughter has a cold with no cough...she's congested in her head, so maybe that could be my problem, and maybe my sinuses are blocked and making me feel worse..........gosh, i just wish i could go to the Dr. and they could tell me something like that. anyway, thanks again

Well, you can try my suggestions, as they are safe and both over the counter. Since you got relief from the antihistimines, it's no doubt allergies. They can get worse, as allergens can get worse. Chloro-trimeton will probably be much more effective than Allegra. It has helped a lot of folks on this Forum. Also try Nasalcrom, it has worked wonders on myself and a lot of folks on this forum. I take both on a daily basis. It makes me feel about 99% 'Normal'