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I have had lightheaded symptoms for 8 years now. It is definitely allergy related. I take Chlorotrimeton and the nasal spray Nasalcrom. Both over the counter and safe. It makes me feel about 99% normal.

BTW - I doubt the Vitagain story very much. Seems like it is 'marketed' to treat almost anything. Has all the earmarks of snake oil. I'm sure someone is lining their pockets nicely at others expense though!

The Chlorotrimeton will make you feel drowsy, but you'll get used to it. It's far better than the lightheaded feeling. Try the Chlorotrimeton first. If you don't get any relief after a week, then add the Nasalcrom. Forget the Allegra. Almost no one here has had relief from that. Hard to believe, but this is better advice than you'll get than seeing 10 different allergists!