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Quote from acambece:
Every morning i wake up and immediately start to sneeze. Is there such an allergy?

J. Cambece

Dear J
You should buy an Industrial strengh desinfectant that kills dust mites and spry on you mattress and suroundings. Change your pillow, if it is with feathers, change to foam or another material. Vaccum everything in your bedroom including walls, do not use a broom or dry cloth to dust. Do not use any clorox in your bedroom to clean( if you have dry itchy ears, you probaly have a clorox allergy). Do not use anything that smells ( perfume, candels and so on)in your bedroom. After you eliminate all that, see how you are doing. If you are better, try to interduce once a week some of the things you eliminated and then you find out what are you allergic too. Also use Nasalcrom, it puts a protectant in your nose, so you have less reactions.
good luck