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My prior doctor treated me for allergies for 10 years (Nasalcrom & Beconase Spray), thinking that I was allergic to dust and mold. Well, I got allergy testing done about a month ago and I am not allergic to any of them (specialist said that I had environmental allergies). I stopped taking the Nasalcrom after allergy testing and had not taken Beconase since the beginning of 2005. I stopped taking the Beconase because my copayment went up to $40 and I figure I did not need it anymore.

Since it has turned cold now and the heat is on. My sinus\nassage passages are very dry and causes pressure. I have all of this crusty bloody (sorry to be so graphic) stuff in my nose and I think that it is not allowing me to breath properly making me have these bouts of tiredness (pressure right in the center of my head) and even anxiety. I have been using AYR Saline Spray and it seems to just go directly to my throat. Yesterday, I bought the AYR gel to put around my nostrils as instructed. Today, I starting to use my Beconase (got a new prescription before the specialist tested me for allergies) again to help with any inflammation. It worked in the past for me.

Does this sound familar to anyone?