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Hi R. Mommie,

Your allergist probably told you this ... the cornerstone of allergy therapy is avoidance of allergens. Any way you can restrict the cats to one area/room/level of the house or garage? (You'd have to be a genius, I know.)

Do you have kids or intend to have a family? If so, be on the lookout for signs of allergy in them. We (all 4 of us) have multiple inhalant allergies & pet allergies as well. We've never kept pets because of the allergies, but did have to have all of our furnace ducts cleaned after we rented our home out for a bit. This helped reduce the dander that otherwise blows around w/forced air heat or AC.

An electrostatic HEPA filter for your furnace plus duct cleaning will help make your home a true haven when the pollen season heats up. In addition, get a few portable HEPA units to double-filter sleeping & work rooms. Get the highest % filtration you can afford & your body will thank you.

Suggest using distilled or reverse osmosis water in your neti pot. The chlorine & fluoride in regular tap water can further irritate things. We use small personal-size steamers for decongestion. Steaming during allergy season has helped us reduce the number of upper respiratory infections that tend to get layered on top of the allergies, esp. w/Singulair. Steaming also thins mucous & cleanses.

If your BCP is a pro-estrogenic, that can increase intensity of allergy symptoms.

If you are low in sulfur & that is predisposing you to allergies, a supplement like MSM may be helpful.

With meds, I find that more is better for my eyes. I have to use a preservative-free eye drop regularly (opthamologist said 4x/hr, every waking hour ... what world does he live in) during allergy season. Have you investigated the sodium cromolyn products? Nasalcrom is now OTC, The optical one is not. Basically they work diff than antihistamines; bind up the mast cells to prevent the reaction. They are best taken shortly before allergy exposure & are totally useless if taken after.

Best wishes.
Hi elmhar,

Oh yeah, the allergist told me that limiting my exposure to the cats would help out. But, she was also realistic and joked that most people get rid of their allergist before they get rid of the cats. :p Here's one half of my quandry, my house is about 1100 square feet with four rooms...one of which is my bedroom where they don't have access anyway. Another room is half of the house (living room, kitchen, and dining room rolled into one big one) We're working on finishing off half of the basement where my office is. This leaves the unfinished part of the basement for the cats only. I'm reluctant to do that because that would just suck for the two cats...they would never see daylight again other than the little stinky window or have little human contact (my husband isn't too keen on the cats). Here's the other half of my quandry. I am really active and rather high up on the food chain on the Rottweiler rescue I volunteer with. They know I have cats...rehoming due to allergies isn't a viable reason to rehome animals unless it is life threatening. I don't know if I did get rid of the cats how that would impact my volunteering with them...I really enjoy that. My husband and a bunch of people think I'm crazy to keep the cats especially since they make me sick.

I am going and picking up a big Hepa filter for the basement this afternoon. I'm really hoping that will help me out. I'm a landscape designer and was up at our state's flower show all week last week for at least 12 hours a day. I actually felt normal...and my eyes stopped the blurry crap. Thus leading me to believe that it isn't the antihistamines that are causing the blurriness but the constant exposure to cat dander. Upstairs I don't have as much of a problem with the eyes itching because the cats spend a lot of time down stairs as that's where their food, water, and litter pan is. I will use the Hepa filter down there year around as the air exchange down there is nil. I know once the house is opened up this spring...the dander will get blown out. I noticed that the longer the house is sealed up for winter, the more the dander accumulates. We already do have an allergen filter on the furnance but may also get some filters for the air intakes.

We don't have children and I am undecided still whether or not we will. A lot of my cousins and my grandmother have allergies so I am well aware of the genetic predisposition to them.

I don't know about the BCP and their make up but can ask my gyn when I see her on Monday. Someone on the rottweiler board I frequent mentioned something called Moducare or something like that as an immune system balancer. I guess it's derived from Pine Sterols. Has anyone taken that stuff?? I have cut out a ton of dairy from my diet as I know that can add to mucous production. How would I know if I was low on sulphur? What does MSM stand for and can I find that at a natural foods store?

Sneezy, maybe I will continue the pet dander product if you can take antihistamines while taking shots. What can it hurt, right?? If the hepa filters don't work...then I'll maybe consider shots. If that doesn't work...then I will have to rehome the cats (at least I exhausted all of my options at that point...then the rescue can't say I didn't try). Sneezy, do you have issues with Zyrtec?? I asked my allergist about it (she is an allergy sufferer too) and she said it made her really sleepy. Does it make you tired?? She said I could try it if I wanted to and she would give me some samples. I could always take it at night before I go to bed I guess if it does make people sleepy.

I'll look into the Nasalcrom this summer when the grasses pick up or if I have to enter a house full of cats. A new potential client has 8 cats inside his house...I just about died at the thought of having meetings inside there. :eek: