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I used to use Zyrtec for yrs., but like you was one of the unfortunate people who suffered sedation from it. You know you should not drive, not operate machinery when under the influence of this medication if it causes drowsiness.

You could ask your doc for a trial of Allegra, do the twice daily dosing. Some people find it less sedating.

Histamine is a chemical that has many uses in the body, from your brain to your toes. Antihistamine drugs are nonspecific in their mode of action, so yes, there can be other side effects. The insert w/the medication will alert you to the most significant side effects. Beyond that, many folks have noticed that antihistamines seem to increase appetitite.

Some alternatives to Zyrtec:
* Claritin (fewer side effects than Zyrtec)
* saline nose sprays & eye drops that wash out the allergens & thin the mucosal secretions, alleviating stuffiness.
* steaming (small personal-size steamer) a few times a day to alleviate nasal & bronchial congestion; also helps prevent viral infections that often pop up when suffering from allergy, due to immune system mess-ups.
* Nasalcrom (cromolyn sodium) --OTC-- a nasal spray used before contact w/allergens; it binds up the mast cells in the nose preventing histamine release & stuffiness. There is a cromolyn eye drop by Rx that works the same way.
* Quercetin & flavonoids (food supplements) reduce the allergic response.
* MSM orally may be helpful if you are a low-sulfur type prone to both allergies & (unrelated to allergies) joint pain.
* butterbur (herb) in standardized extract, has been found as effective as Zyrtec for seasonal allergies, and has a lower side-effect profile.

Best wishes.