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Genteal is OTC. You can get drops or gel. The gel lasts longer, but I find it makes my vision blurry. It's good for sleep & for watching sitcoms on TV, but not for driving or reading.

There are other lubricating eyedrops OTC, and those are less expensive, but I needed a preservative-free one because I have a lot of chem. sensitivites & was reacting to the others.

Not sure what sort of allergies you have ... for pollen allergies, a shot of Nasalcrom (OTC) before going outdoors is helpful. The sodium cromolyn binds to the mast cells & prevents histamine release. It works as a preventative, not after-the-fact like most antihistamines do. And I think it's easier on the dry eyes. BUT it's not going to be helpful for dust, mold, all-day-long type allergies.

Best wishes.