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I've posted here a while back about my issues but didn't get feedback. I've been dealing with what my ENT told me is ETD. Clogged ears, disequilibrium, funny feeling in head, all on my right side. During that time, I've had issues with the right side of my nose and my sinuses as well. I've always had allergy type issues but never had ear problems until the beginning of last year. I dismissed it for a while but went to the ENT when my balance was getting distorted. It shook me up and I was extremely nervous. I've been taking dyazide (for possibility of fluid in ear) and allegra and it really doesn't help. For a while, I thought my issues could be indirectly related to TMJ but after seeing a dentist and orthodontist, it doesn't appear I have typical TMJ. I do have jaw related issues and pain in ear but I have normal range of motion with jaw and so on. That's my history...here is my question or plea for some advice.

I was doing some reading on the net...like I do every night since I've been trying to cope with this ear business and I came across a site where a doctor recommended nasalcrom for ETD-although the recommendation was half hearted from his post. I also gave Claritin D (OTC at Walgreens) a shot because I remember it really cleared up my nose when I used in last year. Well, I used both the Nasalcrom and Claritan D 12 hour around 7:00ish tonight and within an hour or so my nose is clear as ever, my throat feels like it kinda loosened up (it's tight most of the time) and my ear feels as unclogged as it's been in a while. The balance crap also subsided (makes sense because of the ear).

My question is, does this sound very much like an allergy related issue? If so, would it be wise to go see an allergist and try to figure out what the heck is causing this?

Thanks in advance for any feedback at all. I'm desperate because the last 8 or 9 months have been miserable for me. I totally feel for everyone that has been having ear problems because it's so stressful.