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Hi there,

I had been taking Beconase and Nasalcrom for allergy for the last 10 years and apparently my body has built an immunity to them or such.

Last Thursday, my doctor prescribed Flonase for me and I have been taking 200MG each morning since then. I also have been taking a natural remedy called Allerase and OPCs+95 Grape seed extract(a natural anti-histamine) since Monday.

We have not received rain in a long time and I am miserable this season....fatigue, irritable...stuffy when enter department stores or malls, etc.

Any suggestions\advice.... Do I just need to give these medicines time to work there magic?

You probably know that to be effective Nasalcrom is used about 30 min. before exposure to allergens.

Have you tried any add-on oral antihistamines? Like a Claritin or generic loratadine, or Zyrtec or Allegra (latter 2 being Rx)?

If your main problem is the out-of-doors, you can try rinsing your nasal passages w/a Neti pot each time after you've been out. Washing out the allergens can be helpful. Or you can buy a small personal steamer (less messy but may take longer) to do somewhat the same thing.

There are also gels that can be applied into the nose collect the pollen & prevent it from binding w/the mast cells, preventing histamine release & the whole miserable cascade of symptoms.

How these home remedies will interact w/your Flonase, etc. I'm not sure.

But I swear by getting a room-size portable HEPA filter (around $100) & lug it w/you around the house. And after you've been out, have a thorough shower, hair wash, & clothing change to avoid bringing allergens into the house. Hair washing alone can greatly reduce nasal & eye-allergy grief, as hair has an incredible amt of surface area & a high affinity for pollen.

Most trees & grasses have major pollen releases at sun-up, and in the sunniest weather generally. Try to avoid them at those times. Wind makes for more pollen exposure than on a still day. If you generally exercise out of doors, switch to a gym during the worst pollen counts.
Best wishes, & I hope it rains soon.