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Hi there,

I had move recently because my apartment's bathtub had been leaking to my neighbor and her bathroom's ceiling was apparently starting to buckle. I knew that something was going on with me because my allergy medicines no longer worked and I noticed that I was having to clean my towel bowl almost every other day because a black mold was growing inside, under the water. Apparently mold had been growing from the spores being blown around in the air and landing in the toilet.

I have been taking Nasonex for about a month now and started retaking Nasalcrom last week. A combination of Beconase and Nasalcrom worked for me for many years.

Anyone else tried Nasonex (Once a day) and Nasalcrom (3 times a day) together. They seem to be working in that I am sleeping better but my stomach is upset I guess due to the lessening inflamation and swelling of my nasal passages, which is allowing drainage. Also, yesterday these horrible smelling oatmeal like particles came from my throat.

I use Flonase and Nasalcrom togther when my allergies are really bad. Nasonex is similar to Flonase. My allergist actually advised me to do it. He told me Nasalcrom woul've been the miracle allergy cure if only they had been able to make it last 12 hours.

Sounds like you may a have a bit of a sinus infection. I would irrigate and get that gunk out of there.