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Is it Afrin you are using? It is hard to get off of it, but it can be done. I would suggest going to the doctor and getting evaluated for your allergies, and maybe getting a steriod nosespray which isn't as addictive. Also, Tichou's suggestion of Nasalcrom is a good one. Nasalcrom is synthetic quercetin, a natural flavanoid that helps allergies. The only drawback is you have to use it often, every 4-6 hours. But it is effective. My allergist said it would've have been the miracle drug if only they could've found a way to make it last 12 hours.

Since you have been on the nosespray so long, you will probably get a lot of rebound congestion, meaning your congestion will be a lot worse at first. I remember someone on this board had success getting off Afrin by doing it one nostril at a time. That way, you can at least still breathe out of one side of your nose while the other is going through the rebound.