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Hey there, I have been just miserables over a year now, had skin test done in the spring and was not allergic to dust, mold, grass. We suprised me. The doctor said that he thought that I had environmental allergies.

Well, I have always thought that I was allergic to dairy products, I do eat cheese on occassion. However, I eat chicken at least 5-6 days a week.

I have been using Nasonex and Nasalcrom and they have help some; however, I think I may be allergic to foods that I am eating....I have had chronic stomach upsets, fatigue (which my doctor is treating for depression, but I don't think that I am depressed), as well as lots of sinus issues.

Could I be having allergic reaction to chicken since it's my main food that I eat? I don't drink milk but had dairy products for lunch and dinner last night.

Please provide any advice.

Thank you,