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My son is 7 years old and recently went to an allergist that specializes with children allergies. He was tested with the stratch test method and we found that his worst season will be in the Fall. He is now taking Zyrtec (10 mg) and Nasonex Nose Spray. He still has a cough, dark circles under his eyes, and blowing nose all the time. My son originally took Allegra and Nasonex spray from his pediatrican, but it did nothing. I read from others in Healthboards that there is a correlation between allergies and bed wetting - my son still wets the bed and we use pullups every night - he is also a very deep sleeper - also my husband and I were bed wetters. I also read from the Healthboards information on constant coughing correlated to the chlorine in drinking water. Can anyone give me any suggestions and more information on allergies, bedwetting, dark circles under eyes and coughing??? He has had these problems since he was 4 years old. I need HELP!!! The doctors don't seem to be helping him!!! Thanks so much!!