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For about 6 months or so now I have not been able to stop coughing regularly. It feels as so I always need to clear my throat, which feels very dry and so does my mouth - my tongue is always dry and becomes yellow if i dont brush it regularly. When I cough I do not cough anything up and my throat does not feel as tho it has cleared - this cough is also affecting my voice.
I have seen a doctor who prescribed me a nasal spray called nasonex and told me that she thought that my nose is dripping down my throat which is causing the constant irritation and dryness. This spray has not seemed to help very much tho and Im unsure what to do as this is constantly troubling me and I cant seem to find any explanation for it.
Also, I am young (20s) and I used to smoke (not very much) but I dont any more.
If anybody has any experience of what I am describing or knows anything that may help, please reply to my post.