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Heres my condition:

- Mid 2002 I started out with fatigue and my eyes felt 'cold' then it settled into a condition where I would always perceive 'the 2 sides of my nose as being transparent and separate' *Can someone please understand/relate to that?!*.

- Since mid 2002 I've felt that under my left eye lid it's very congested, sticky and cluggy. When i shut my right eye and just leave the left eye open it struggles to keep open all the way properly as it feels there is something under the eye lid keeping it from doing so.

Doctors are baffled and I've tried a wide range of medications from liviston, tissue salts, doxycycline tablets, Horseraddish Tablets, Nasonex, Decongestants, Claratyne, Tobrex eye ointment, Antibiotic drops as well as seeing an optometrist, nose specialist *to check if turbinates were at fault*, eye specialist *nothing wrong with my eyes* as well as even trying eastern medicine in the form of Acupuncture.

I was hoping that maybe my problem was a 'meibomian cyst' as perhaps a cyst has been weighing down on my left eye causing the sensation under the left eye lid and the weird perception of my nose....but I don't have a lump under my eye lid *perhaps the cyst is embedded too deep to be felt conventionally???*.

I'm really frustrated and withdrawn and would really like to know what 'eyelid dysfunctions' or possible 'meibomian problems' any of you may think I have so I can speedily correct this and be happy and healthy.