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Took him to the doctor today because he coughed all night, despite being on nebulizers 3 times a day. Still coughing a lot today. Doctor says he is clear in the lungs (which I take with a grain of salt because whenever he had pneumonia they have said that). Doctor says put him on his nasonex to clear up his pnd and maybe he will stop coughing in about 5 days. I don't believe his asthma meds are doing anything, but doc wants me to keep him on them until cough goes away. He seems to be more of a cougher than a wheezer. Do you think maybe he could have "vocal Chord dysfunction" instead of asthma? He was slow to respond to meds in emergency. I heard vcd can look like asthma except they wheeze when breathing in instead of out? and they are more of a cougher. Also reflux and pnd are more involved. What do you think? I feel like going into my doctor and demanding they test for this. I am so frustrated right now.