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Hi all,

My daughter is approaching her third birthday in June. She's suffered from enlarged adenoids since, well, birth so far as we can tell. A visit to the doc confirmed that they are there, and are interfering with her breathing, specifically at night. She's always had trouble sleeping, as she must breath through her mouth but she tries to breath through her nose. SO... we're looking at options.

Here are the issues we're looking at:
- The consensus after researching the issue seems to be that "they'll probably go away by the time she reaches her teens". But we've also seen (and anecdotally heard) that leaving them untouched MAY result in teeth/jaw issues. I wonder whether this may be genetic: both my wife's brothers have had issues with their jaw & teeth, and one bro still breaths only through his mouth and snores very loudly. We've left them alone until now, but feel that we may take some action.
- She's been prescribed Nasonex, which is a steroid usually used for allergies. We're not using it yet. There are anecdotal stories (backed up by some research) that suggest that steroids given to children inhibit growth.
- Surgery. So far as I can tell, the tonsils are often removed at the same time. The usual parental worries regarding putting one's child under general anaesthetic. Research suggests that it works out very well in most instances.

We've made it this far. Should we consider just waiting it out? "Risk" steroids to see what happens? Have the operation and be done with it? All thoughts would be appreciated, thanks in advance,

hi my dughter had her tonsils and adenod takien out 1 yr ag she can slep at nght without gasping for air i tied putting her on nasonex for 3 months it didnt help her at all she was in and out th same day ith surger and is so much better