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I know I just posted but I have some things I'd like to get off my chest. I have no one that I would DARE try and talk about this with. I'm glad you guys are here. :wave:

I'm sure I have had BB mostly all my life. I can think back on MANY occasions where people tried to tell me without really telling me.

I figured it may have been something I ate or maybe the people were just teasing. Every single time!!!!!!!! Silly, I know.

I used to believe somethings should be considered common sense. This just isn't true. I had gone a full twenty some years only brushing my teeth once a day, never flossing, all the while eating a huge amount of red meat, sugar and dairy products. No one had ever stressed the importance of brushing more than once and flossing. I only remember being taken to the dentist once as a child. My teeth had never been cleaned. No wonder I had bad breath! :rolleyes:

So I go to the dentist get a couple of teeth that were too far gone removed. I flossed, brushed two, maybe three times a day but the B.B. was still there.

I realized the problem is a result of my PND. I'm looking into any and all natural products to help make my BB at least a little better. I don't have insurance so I can't go to the ENT right now. The last time I went he prescribed Nasonex (did nothing), then Rescon. I don't know if the Rescon worked or not...I don't think so though.

Again, this has been with me for YEARS. I am a fairly attractive woman, I'd never had a problem getting a date. People talk to me, not just guys. I get invited places, and people want to come see me. I still get offered gum or candy and they still make off hand comments. My cousin always ask me in this really matter of fact tone, "What did you eat today?". But my point is, even though my breath was/is bad people still want/ed to be around me.

During the last two years I have been really bothered by this problem. I have isolated myself, which has resulted in extreme depression even thoughts of suicide. I would have days where I'll feel ok and then something would happen to alert me that my bad breath was still there and not going anywhere. This really had/has me feeling like I'll always be miserable. I put off quiting a job I REALLY hated because I knew no one would ever hire me with this problem.

I feel ok now,(at this present moment) I am trying to find natural remedies to help lessen if not get rid of the problem. Like someone else mentioned, the products are expensive and don't get to the root of the problem.

I believe wholeheartedly the body has the natural ability to heal it's self. I just have to do my part. Eat right, exercise, drink water, alleviate stress, etc.

I have met a few people with really bad breath, but they are outgoing, pursue there goals and they actually live and enjoy life. A couple of them I am even willing to say were aware of their BB. There breath would always smell like they literally drink Listerine and always kept gum and mints handy. But they never had a problem socializing and living their life.

Then you have people like myself, my aunt and a few other people I've known, who just aren't aware of the fact that their breath is bad. They LIVE! Before I started to take the comments and tell tale signs to heart, I never thought about my breath and I was able to get out and do things. Now I KNOW my breath is bad and knowing it makes me want to crawl under a rock most days.

I haven't gone through all the post in this thread. But I plan to just to obtain tips and such. But I'm curious to know if any of you have been able to I guess not think about your breath enough to the point where you aren't experiencing any emotional strain. If so, how do you do it?