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Hi all i have the following symptoms, and i don't know what they could be, can anyone here help me figure this out. My doctor as well as the neurologist and the cardiologist are stumped.. see list below.. if i went into detail it would be a book, so i am just listing the list of symptoms

Amy's Symptoms:
Eye Twitching
slurred speech/stuttering
leg and arm neuropathy
short of breath
gait abnormalities
arm swing disfunction
light headed
high blood pressure
supine low blood pressure
vasovagal syncope
blurry vision
frequent bowelmovements right after meals
low B12, treated with injections monthly

Any one have any idea of what may be going on? i would appreciate any and all input. current medications: benazapril, allegra 180, nasonex, klonopin 1/2 tablet every other day