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My 7 year old son has been doing the same type of grunting and throat clearing for more than 3 weeks. The doctor told me yesterday it was either allergies or a nervous tic.
He suggested we treat the allergies with Nasonex and Claritin for 21 days and to avoid drawing any attention to the throat clearing.
He said if it was allergies the meds should show improvement within that time. And if they don't than it is a tic and they usually stop or lessen within 3 months time. He said to keep an eye on it and to check back with him in the 3 weeks.

The noise is so annoying, and drives my DH insane. I have been able to ignore commenting on it, but Chris has not and once that he did ask Matthew to stop, my son replied with "The Dr. said you have to ignore it and it will go away"
Sooooo do I assume he has some sort of control and awareness of actually doing it?
Did you son begin doing it after a cold or flu? What did your Dr say about the heart palpitations? That could be scary.