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I live in the Hartford, CT area. For the past several years I've experienced increasingly severe allergic reactions to something that emerges in mid- to late-March. I experience, especially at night, extensive post-nasal drip that, in turn, irritates the mucous membranes in my throat, causing sore throat symptoms. At first, I thought I had caught a bad Spring cold but soon realized it was actually severe allergy symptoms. Last year my symptoms were so bad I was pretty much a incapicitated for a week. My doctor convinced me that shots weren't the answer and he recommended that I contact him sometime in February, which I've done. He's prescribed Allegra-D and Nasonex and recommended I start taking them in the early part of March as a kind of pre-emptive strike and conditioning of my mucous membranes. Would be interested in learning:
1) Has anyone else had success with this preventative treatment? and
2) Does anyone have an idea of what the heck it is that's doing this to me?
(My guess, at this point, is some kind of mold that sends out its spores in the very early Spring and/or pollen from white pines (they're all over the area).
Jazzman, if you only have one allergy to pollens it is easier to deal with since it will only bother you for a few weeks. Keep your windows in your house and car closed during these times and wash your hair before you go to bed so that you are not breathing in the pollens all night. I would assume that it is worse at night because your sinuses are draining when you are flat. The nasonex should work pretty good.